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Capacitor and Resistors For Sale

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resistors for sale

Resistors For Sale

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  • • Surface Mount
  • • Metal Film/Oxide
  • • Fusible Power Oxide
  • • Carbon Composition
  • • Vitreous Wirewound
  • • Vitreous Edgewound
  • • Power Wirewound
  • • Themistors
  • • Pre-packaged Kits
  • • Ceramic resistors for sale
capacitors for sale

Capacitors For Sale

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  • • 5mm Ultra Miniture Aluminium Electrolytic
  • • Subminiature Aluminium Electrolytic
  • • Subminiature Non-Polarized Aluminium Electrolytic
  • • High Frequency Aluminium for Horizontal Deflection
  • • Snap-in Mount Aluminium Electrolytic
  • • 105ºC Snap-in Mount Aluminium Electrolytic
  • • Resin Dipped Solid Tantalum
  • • 105ºC Subminiature Aluminium Electrolytic
  • • 50V Ceramic Disc
  • • 1000V Ceramic Disc
  • • Mylar/Polyester Film
  • • Motor Run
  • • Motor Start
  • • Mounting Hardware
  • • 2 Wire and 3 Wire for Ceiling Fans

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About Resistors & Capacitors

Fixed resistors can be found in any type of electronic device or electrical application.

Variable Resistors are often used in audio control, television, motion control, transducers, home electrical appliances and oscillators.

Resistor networks are in several applications including analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, voltage dividers for power functions and computer applications.

We carry the following categories of resistors:

  • • Fixed Resistors
  • • Resistor Networks & Arrays
  • • Variable Resistors
  • • Ceramic
Once you choose the resistor category, you can narrow them down by various attributes: by Resistance, Tolerance, Rated Power, Maximum Working Voltage, Power Dissipation and Size Code, to name just a few.

Capacitors have several uses in electrical and electronic systems. They are so widely used that it is rare that an electrical product does not contain some type of capacitor. A capacitor can store electric energy when it is disconnected from its charging circuit, so it can therefore be used like a temporary battery.


They are often used in electronic devices in order to maintain a power supply while batteries are being changed thus preventing loss of information in volatile memory applications. In car audio systems, large capacitors are used to store energy for the amplifier to use when required. An uninterruptible power supply may be equipped with maintenance-free capacitors in order to extend its service life.

What is a resistor?

A resistor is a component used in electronic circuits to resist the flow of electrical current and maintain safe currents in electrical devices. The resistance is determined by the physical construction of the resistor. Resistors contain two terminals and are designed in such a way to drop the voltage of current as it flows from one terminal to another.

What is a Capacitor?

A capacitor is a passive electrical component with two terminals which is used in order to store energy in an electric field. Capacitors contain at least two electrical conductors which are separated by a dielectric. When there is a voltage difference across the conductors, a static electric field develops across the dielectric, thus causing negative charge to collect on one plate and positive charge on the other. Energy is accumulated in the electrostatic field.

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