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Now you can watch your property from anywhere with an internet or mobile connection and our advanced security systems.

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Security Camera Systems

Have true peace of mind while you're out of the house. Whether you're out shopping, visiting with friends or on vacation, with a residential alarm system from our Boise security systems, you can watch live video from your phone.

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Watch Your Kids

Watching your children has never been easier. See when they get home from school, make sure they're safe playing in the yard and even keep track of what your babysitter is doing while you're out on the town.

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Monitor Visitors

We all need maintenance done on our houses and sometimes you just can't be home when they're available. With a security camera system, you can watch them work right on your phone or other mobile device.

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Check In 24 Hours A Day

Ideal for families always on the move, your video security system is your "eye in the sky" while you are away allowing you to always monitor the activities inside -- and outside -- your house.

Seeing Is Beleiving

Auto Capture, HD 4K Resolution,
Night Vision Cameras

Security Surveillance Cameras & Products

surveillance security equipment

Wireless Security Cameras

You can do more than monitor your business security remotely — you can manage your life with our wireless security camera. For example, looking in on the cable repairman from your office- no need to run home and let them inside.

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Digital Video Recorder

With a digital video recorder DVR, you get clear audio and video and remote viewing, plus you can record from all cameras at the same time. A DVR is a must in order to get the maximum performance no matter which of the security camera systems you choose.

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Dome Security Cameras

You’ll recognize the benefits of using dome cameras provide to security camera systems immediately. They can be mounted almost anywhere, provide you with 360° viewing, and their clear, crisp imaging results in sharp video — even in low light.

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Get Alerts • Monitor Activity • Keep Children Safe

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Surveillance Security Systems

  • Why choose A-Gem as your Boise security system installer?
    • As a wholesale electronic supplier since 1961, we have been offering tech support and security systems to the "local guys" for decades. We understand what works and what doesn't. Nobody has more experience in security systems in Boise, than we do.

  • Can someone access the wireless camera signal and view the images?
    • Our wireless security camera systems use an encrypted wireless protocol known as WPA2. This is an industry-recognized method to limit access to wireless networks and communications so that your wireless signals remain private to the surveillance camera – just another way that our home surveillance systems make sure you’re always protected.

  • Do you offer security camera equipment warranties?
    • Protecting your property is our highest priority with superior service and warranties. We offer the best business security system because we have a retail location, we service what we sell and stock hardware devices, such as control panels, detectors, sensors, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and security camera systems for small businesses and residential homes.

  • Can I listen to what is happening with a home surveillance system, and record audio as well as video?
    • Depending on your camera, yes, plus Idaho provide the ability to deliver or store audio along with the video. Our high definition cameras ensure that the crispest audio and clearest images arrive directly to you at any time of the day. It's the best video security system in Boise.

  • Do you offer cameras that record images in the dark?
    • Most home security camera systems utilize outdoor security cameras which can see in the dark. INSTALL TIP: We can design a detector which will turn on a light when it senses motion. We can preprogram an action so this will save you energy costs, plus deter theives.

  • Can I buy from you and install myself?
    • The answer is YES! We have for sale DIY IP cameras so you can save money and do it yourself. Best of all you can customize your burglar alarm and we can guide you with tech support. You want the best security system, (not cheap) now we can build you an affordable wifi camera or DIY CCTV security system.